First up is the "Community Build" event, where players donated parts to build Gigantor!

The top 20 "Builders" will be rewarded as follows:

1st - 100 tokens for Jared Downward!

2nd - 60 tokens for Chun-Lin Ko!

3rd - 25 tokens for Tng Jian Yu!

The rest of the top 20 receive 15 tokens! (see the list below)

Also, 20 random "Builders" receive 10 tokens! (see the list below)

Congrat to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated and built Gigantor WAY faster than expected! More to come...

Top 20 Builders

  1. Jared Downward
  2. Chun-Lin Ko
  3. Tng Jian Yu
  4. Sarah Grover
  5. Bonzo Madrid
  6. Justin Gura
  7. Trevor Scranton
  8. Crystal Howard
  9. Aaron Jeremy
  10. Crystal Guerin
  11. Alison Niblett Mazerall
  12. Francis Floyd Occena
  13. Jared Hinsey
  14. Michael Cooke
  15. Thadius Prescot Nonsense III
  16. Rena L. Hopkins
  17. Mickey Slater
  18. Joe Vinsik
  19. Xiangyi Nian Dong
  20. Chris Turner

20 Random Builders

Christoph Bruderer

Wyngard See

Vicki Smith

Lee Beng Hai

Jerry Fisher

Thomas Fosse

Amanda Sakadakis

Nath Wyss

Fabian Talbot

Jonathan Hale

Nate Plmr

Neal Huff

Aaron Wadyanto

Peter Grice

Amel Ibrisagic

Sarah Grover

Mauri Willden Gibson

Chris Vining

Carrie Aiton-Watts

Bradley Hennessey