This is for the "Community Fight" event, where players teamed up their robots to take down The Mountain Giant!

The top 20 "Fighters" will be rewarded as follows:

1st - 100 tokens for Mark Gearing!

2nd - 60 tokens for Mark Maylam!

3rd - 25 tokens for Edward Paul McGee!

The rest of the top 20 will receive 15 tokens! (see the list below)

Also, 20 random "Fighters" will receive 10 tokens! (see the list below)

Congrats to all the winners!

Thanks to everyone for avenging Gigantor's untimely destruction by defeating The Mountain Giant!

Top 20 Fighters

  1. Mark Gearing
  2. 'Mark Maylam'
  3. Edward Paul McGee
  4. Janne Frösén
  5. Fidel Lopez Aliouchkin
  6. Stephen Blizzard
  7. Boris Pankov
  8. Janie Rhodes
  9. Tony Piggott
  10. Paul John Lightfoot
  11. Helen Hall
  12. Debra Sawyers
  13. Christoph Bruderer
  14. Clement Chan
  15. Dane Koster
  16. Tracey Goode Burns
  17. Bram Callebert
  18. Jay Kirkwood
  19. Sarah Grover
  20. Tng Jian Yu

20 Random Fighters

Lauren Taylor

Ninh Nguyen

David Baker

Phil Sinclair

Nick Tramontano

Steve Wright

Alex Lister

Knut Anders Kristensen

Leah Witte

Huyskens Peter

Eric Goodwin

Matthew J Henady

Toh Kinzz

Lachlan Stewart

Helle Bak Hougaard

Hanna Neřeknu

Jeremy Cornelius Tan

Susan Evans

Jaki Burman

Alyson Redinger