Parts That Were Required To BuildEdit

Part Name Quantity Needed
Chip Control Processor 3,000
Engine Combustion Engine 1,500
Scrapmetal Scrap Metal 100,000
Alloy Alloy Plating 50,000
Hardalloy Hardened Alloy 20,000
Vacuum Vacuum Chamber 100
Hardalloy Thermal Shielding 650
Chip red Lack of Self Control Processor 20
Fuel Fuel 2,000
Alloy Metal Carapace 1,500
Alloy green Exoskeletal Plating 1,000

Gigantor was the first Community Build robot, and he was responsible for smashing through the mountains that gave players access to a new area called The Badlands. On 1-14-09 Gigantor was attacked by the Mountain Giant and destroyed.