The market is the place to buy and sell your items. Users can sell both for cash (at a set market price) or Robot Tokens. Users create listings in the market when it comes to selling an item for Robot Tokens, however there is also a set cash price for all items that a user can elect to take over selling on the market for Robot Tokens.

Cash Price Classification Components
$10 Microchips Chip Control Processor
$10 Power Supplies Engine Combustion Engine
$5 Metals Scrapmetal Scrap Metal
$25 Biosynthetics Lipstick Lipstick
$65 Power Supplies Moleculec Atom Chamber
$125 Auxiliary JetB Jet Booster
$12 Metals Alloy Alloy Plating
$250 Optics Lens Lens
$1,500 Unique Insano Captain Insano
$1,750 Unique EofB Essence of Bobo
$2,250 Unique OverEmotion OverEmotion Chip
$500 Auxiliary Gyroscope Gyroscope
$20 Metals Hardalloy Hardened Alloy
$2500 Unique Lipstick2 Lustrous Lipstick
$650 Auxiliary Tread Treads
$750 Auxiliary Canon Cannon
$1,100 Microchips Security Security Clearance
$3,000 Unique Juicebox Juice Box
$3,000 Unique Satelite Satellite Dish
$8,000 Unique Blackbox Mysterious Black Box
$30 Metals Alloy purple Watertight Plating
$400 Power Supplies Moleculeorange Quark Chamber
$550 Biosynthetics Pincers Pincers
$200 Microchips Chip blue Hydrochip
$1,000 Optics Lens blue Pressurized Lens
$1,500 Power Supplies Fusiongenerator Fusion Generator
$35 Metals Alloy green Reflective Plating
$650 Power Supplies Vacuum Vacuum Chamber
$55 Metals Hardalloy Thermal Shielding
$1,100 Microchips Chip red Lack of Self Control Processor
$25 Auxiliary Fuel Fuel
$25 Auxiliary Coolant Coolant
$800 Optics Lens orange Solar Lens
$0 Unique Moleculegreen Key to the Underworld
$0 Unique Moleculeblue Folklorica Crystal
$40 Metals Alloy Metal Carapace
$900 Biosynthetics Jaw Hydraulic Jaw
$500 Microchips Chip Prehistoric Control Processor
$2,200 Unique Lens Pan-optic Nerve
$2,000 Unique Chip Exabyte Logic Board
$3,000 Unique Vacuum Turing Coil
$1,800 Microchips Security Security Clearance L5
$400 Microchips Security Underwater Laboratory Access Card
$950 Biosynthetics Moleculeblue Ballast Tanks
$1,050 Biosynthetics Vacuum Photoluminescent Bulb
$65 Metals Alloy green Exoskeletal Plating
$80 Metals Alloy Titanium Plating
$950 Biosynthetics Hydrostat Muscular Hydrostat
$350 Metals Alloy purple Thick Membrane
$4,000 Microchips Chip Neural-Diode CPU
$0 Miscellaneous Grayalloy Small Battery
$0 Miscellaneous Goldalloy Large Battery
$5,500 Unique Mechleg Mechanical Turkey Leg
$6500 Unique Scepter King's Scepter
$85 Biosynthetics Metalwheeldense Segmented Exofiber
$135 Metals Alloy Gamma Shielding
$4,500 Unique Moleculegreen Surgeon's Cryptograph
$1,500 Optics Crimsonlens Crimson Lens
$2,200 Microchips Chip Beowulf Cluster
$1,900 Auxiliary Gyroscope Gyroscope II
$8,000 Unique EofG Essence of Gordo
$4,500 Unique Aquatico Captain Aquatico
$25 Metals Scrapmetal Galvanic Plates
$1,500 Power Supplies Vacuum Iridium Core
$800 Microchips Chip Ion Superconductor
$10 Unique Mustachio Mustache
$1,200 Optics Lens Bright Iris
$10 Unique Chip Heroic Resolve
$10 Unique Ponytail Ponytail
$5 Auxiliary Octane Octane
$35 Metals Flamecarapace Flame Carapace
$125 Auxiliary Pyrite Pyrite
$1,200 Optics Burningeye Burning Eye
$125 Unique Portalkey Portal Key
$125 Auxiliary Magmite Magmite
$0 Miscellaneous Bluealloy Platinum Battery
$25 Metals Brass Brass
$40 Metals Woodpanel Wood Paneling
$1,650 Power Supplies Engine Steam Engine


Auxiliary Gear Gear
$8 Auxiliary Magmite Coal
$80 Auxiliary Bolt32 Bolt
$30 Metals Alloy green Dream Plating
$180 Microchips Chip Diamond Diode Processor
$150 Power Supplies Vacuum Photon Chamber
$1,200 Auxiliary CrystallinePowerCore Crystalline Power Core
$1 Unique Portalkey Crystal Cake
$550 Optics Crimsonlens Elder Lens
$80 Metals Alloy Ancient Alloy
$180 Power Supplies Vacuum Sleeping Core
$90 Microchips Chip Cosmic Processor
$60 Metals Hardalloy Plastic Shielding
$240 Microchips Chip 100 Hz Processor
$120 Auxiliary Octane Kerosene
$180 Biosynthetics Hydrostat Coiled Copper
$180 Auxiliary Bolt32 Bronze Bolt
$2,500 Unique Chrysalis Chrysalis
$???? Miscellaneous Chip $1500 Voucher
$3,500 Unique StrongArm32 Beefy Arm
$3,000 Unique Gavel32 Gavel
$120 Metals Hardalloy Adamantine Armor
$1,200 Power Supplies Moleculegreen Neutrino Chamber
$400 Microchips Chip Tycho Combat A.I.
$800 Optics Burningeye Eye of Ares
$128 Biosynthetics Vacuum Gauss Core
$2,500 Unique BellyBadge Belly Badge
$5,000 Microchips Chip Hyperion Diode