Paleo Robotico is a location you cannot access or even see at the start of the game. You must build the robot Anachron to be granted access to the location.

Paleo Robotico has a medium cost and medium-high energy usage per salvage.



Thermal Shielding Common
Alloy Metal Carapace Abundant
Chip Prehistoric Control Processor Rare

Paleon FacilityEdit

|- |Hardalloy |Hardened Alloy |Abundant |- |Alloy |Metal Carapace |Common |- |Chip |Prehistoric Control Processor |Rare |- |Jaw |Hydraulic Jaw |Very Rare |- |Lens |Pan-optic Nerve |Hidden |}

There is also one premium salvage available at this location.

Paleon Vault (Premium)Edit

Jaw Hydraulic Jaw Rare
Alloy Metal Carapace Super Abundant
Chip Prehistoric Control Processor Common

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