User Created Tips

  1. Go for the robots you need for challenges first. Most early challenges are good value for money.
  2. Focus on one robot at a time and sell away what you dont need for that robot. When you're building another robot you'll probably get the miscellaneous stuff hunting for the rares anyway.
  3. Don't quote me, but I sold most of my extra Jet Boosters to cover up my salvage costs. I always got more than what the Rare or Very Rare classification implied, anyway.
  4. SAVE YOUR ROBOT TOKENS. Using them to salvage is not effective in my opinion. I'd prefer to use them to buy unique items, like Essence of Bobo and Captain Insano.
  5. I didn't go much on Old Battlefield, as I deem it a difficult place to salvage and cover my costs. I went straight to Sunken Ship after making my Eye Pod and never looked back. Sunken Ship gets profitable after the first two robots in my experience.
  6. When all else fails and you're looking for salvage money, go salvage in the desert. Still the best place to farm money for me, since I get lots of Jet Boosters there.
  7. BE PATIENT. Yes, you won't find uniques on the first few tries. Just gotta keep digging. My Captain Insano took ages.

Credit to Imppala

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